There’s Nothing Cuter Than These 30 Animals Using Other Animals As Pillows. I’m Dying Of Cuteness.

Learning to love and accept those around us sometimes is difficult for people. As a species, we’re not very trustworthy and we tend to be pretty selfish. That’s why we could learn a thing or two about love and tenderness from our animals friends. Just take these cuddly creatures who are using each other as fluffy pillows, for example. Each and every one of them loves their life right about now, and it’s all because they’re choosing to cuddle up to a friend. It also helps that these are the cutest animal pairings we have ever seen.

1.) I can’t bear how cute this is.

2.) The more squirrels… the better.

3.) Tongue cuddles count, too.

4.) Bunny love is the best love.

5.) Wild snuggles are still cute.

6.) Sun bathing and snuggles. What more could you want?

7.) Purrrrrrrfect.

8.) These cuddle buddies aren’t monkeying around.

9.) SO. SOFT.

10.) A nice hug could warm any grizzly heart.

11.) Puppy pillow. πŸ™‚

12.) Ah yes, the rare pile of AWWW in the wild.

13.) These love birds make my heart happy.

14.) Kittens and ferrets: perfect cuddle buddies.

15.) Did someone order a pile of lions?

16.) A perfect mother & daughter moment.

17.) Shhhh, you’ll wake the cute.

18.) Did you know the north pole is full of adorable?

19.) Tri-color cuteness.

20.) “You’ll be safe in here, little buddy.”

21.) Natural enemies? I don’t think so.

22.) This is so cute, I could howl.

23.) Where does one puppy end and the other start? We’ll never know.

24.) Sometimes napping defies the laws of physics.

25.) THERE, found the perfect spot.

26.) No one has loved anything more than these goats love each other.

27.) St. Bernards make awesome pillows.

28.) I wonder if he knows his friend is facing the otter way?

29.) Feathers need snuggling time, too!

30.) *hug*

If I don’t see a monkey cuddling a puppy before I die, then my life will feel empty. Oh well, I’ll just keep looking at these mutual animal pillow pictures and I’ll brighten right back up. πŸ™‚ via Bored Panda Share this. It’ll make your friends smile.

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