These Guys Have The Most Insanely Dangerous Job In The World. That One Photo Is Just… OMG.

Not many people dream about having a hard, dangerous job. Spending sleepless nights on a rough, freezing ocean doesn’t usually sound like fun, but Portland artist Corey Arnold was somehow able to make it appealing. Not only is he an artist, but he is a fisherman that has spent months living on the unforgiving, open ocean. He documented his time on a crabbing boat, and these are photos that you just have to see.

Commercial fishing isn’t an easy job, but Corey makes it look fun.

Even though it’s a cold, exhausting life.

He began fishing in 2002 when the economy was having trouble.

He was in for a freezing life on the seas, battling storms and crabbing.

He did his best to document his adventures.

It’s a life many would be unable to really understand.

It is wild.

And unforgiving.

But there are many men who embrace it.

Even if that means they end up missing a finger or two.

Corey compiled his photos into a book called Fish-Work: The Bering Sea.

It’s a grueling, hard life… but it’s the passion of many people.

Source: Corey Arnold via Visual News If you’d like to see more of Corey’s life on the fishing boats, check out his book Fish-Work: The Bering Sea on Amazon. He has had life experiences not many of us will ever get the chance to have and it’s fascinating. Share this with others by clicking below!

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