This Guy Appears To Make Short Skits While Playing With A Dead Body

Pretty much everything that can exist does exist in some form online. While this is exciting at some level, it’s also a terrifying prospect. Most of use aren’t disturbed enough to think of all the weird, crazy things that we sometimes encounter on the internet, but the many creeps who call the web home certainly are.

And some sickos are a cut above the rest. Take, for example, a YouTuber who goes by Jake.

Jake’s channel consists solely of disturbing black and white video sketches that seem to incorporate a dead body wrapped in a garbage bag.

Saying that this footage is disturbing is putting it mildly.

All of the short flickers of text that come across the screen in these videos don’t make them any better.

One enterprising Redditor was able to piece together all of these texts. The result is actually a poem.

Here’s a transcript:

There was a lady all skin and bone; Sure such a lady was never known. It happened upon a certain day, this lady went to the church to pray. When she came to the church stile, there she did rest a little while; When she came to the church yard, there the bells so loud she heard. When she came to the church door, she stopped to rest a little more; When she came to the church within, the parson prayed ‘gainst pride and sin. On looking up, on looking down, she saw a dead man on the ground; And from his nose unto his chin, the worms crawled out, the worms crawled in. Then she unto the parson said, “Shall I be so when I am dead?” “Oh yes! Oh yes,” the parson said, “You will be so when you are dead.” Here the lady screams.

This one might be the freakiest of all.

(via Reddit)

Well, I’m never sleeping again. I’d really like to know what exactly is happening in these videos and why, but I would settle for knowing whether or not that’s a real body.

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