Twitchy Top 10: #ObamasNextBook titles!/RogerThat_81/status/272861040524529665

According to The Forward, President Obama is collaborating with Holocaust survivor/author Elie Wiesel on a book about their friendship. Twitter users are anticipating other book ideas from the president and started an #ObamasNextBook hashtag game last night. This afternoon, they got it trending. The Twitchy top 10 list:

#obamasNextBook “You Really Can Fool Half the People All of the Time”

— Du Crusoe (@DuCrusoe) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook The Audacity of Broke…

— jabbar muhmmed (@JMuhmmed) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook Green Eggs and Spam: Affordable Dishes in The new economy

— End of the Republic (@PointlessPol) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook “I Didn’t Write This”

— Darrell B. Harrison (@deacondarrell) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook Nightmares of Our Forefathers

— Rebecca Ann(@RebeccaAnn81) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook – How to be President Without Even Really Trying

— Correctamundo™ (@A4CHNIT1) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook “Uh.”

— Desarae Charlotte (@desikelso) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook The Very Hungry Community Organizer

— lorraine f.m. (@aleykhat) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Food Stamps

— TheIgnorantLeft (@TheIgnorantLeft) November 25, 2012

#ObamasNextBook How the West Was Lost

— Peter Sterne, Sr (@p_w_sterne) November 25, 2012


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