Virgin Atlantic makes woman change out of military uniform!/richardbranson/status/310421869415264257

2/2 our team made a mistake in following that advice. The @virginatlantic people involved are mortified and have apologised profusely.

— richardbranson (@richardbranson) March 9, 2013

Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson took to Twitter today to denounce as a “terrible mistake” that a Royal Navy helicopter technician was made to change out of uniform before boarding a flight to the United States.

Petty Officer Nicky Howse told The Sun newspaper, “when I got to the departure gate I was taken to the side by the flight supervisor and they said I wasn’t allowed to fly in uniform and had to wear a sleep suit.” Howse says she was told that her combat fatigues could be seen as a threat by other passengers.

Branson blamed airport security for giving his staff bad advice and says the people involved are “mortified.” Will an apology suffice?

@richardbranson That don’t cut it.Step up, man up, make it right whatever it takes.This is NOT going away.#RNPO #Fail

— LaughingWolf (@LaughingWolf) March 9, 2013

I see @richardbranson is tweeting his pitiful sorrows after humiliating one of our soldiers, only after all went viral shame on you and G4S!

— Five Mountains (@Five_Mountains) March 9, 2013

Shame on you @virginatlantic @richardbranson for making one of our servicewomen remove her uniform #disgusting #proudofoursoldiers

— Lady Pea (@pennyolewicz) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson @virginatlantic would have been a great response with two additional letters: EX. As in “the EX-Virgin staffers involved…”

— Diana Allocco (@dianamee) March 9, 2013

@richardbransonYou need to fire some…

— (@instapundit) March 9, 2013

Richard Branson needs to personally fire the thugs at his company who did…

— Ezra Levant (@ezralevant) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson I’ll stick with @united, who treat our service people well all the time (instead of in reaction to all around stupidity)

— Kevin Whited (@PubliusTX) March 9, 2013

@laughingwolf @richardbranson nothing in the free world runs smoothly without veterans. Nothing. Not a good group of people to make angry.

— Mike (@CopTheTruth) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson @virginatlantic public humiliation of RN Petty Officer ? This is no way 2 treat our Armed Forces !

— Heather Smart (@gemini2359) March 9, 2013

@chaosanmayhem: @richardbranson @virginatlantic The very least you can do, is give PO Howse 2 VIP 1st Class tickets 4 life is a good start

— LaughingWolf (@LaughingWolf) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson And why do you suppose it happened in the first place? Any ideas?

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) March 9, 2013

Some are willing to cut Branson some slack.

@richardbranson @virginatlantic Straight explanation, straight apology. Huge respect for that Sir Richard. Top #Leadership #Virginatlantic

— Mike Pannett, author (@MikePannett) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson @virginatlantic Great NOT to hear “it was best intelligence available” or “spontaneous reaction to a video” Well done SirR.

— Tim Bannigan (@Cunever1949) March 9, 2013

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