We’ve come a long way, baby: Tweeters remember life #BeforeTwitter

Seven years ago today, this guy:

Twitter’s @jack with a nose-ring and dreadlocks twitter.com/samir/status/3…

— Samir Mezrahi (@samir) March 21, 2013

Introduced the world to a little site called “twttr”:

What Twitter looked like seven years ago today: twitter.com/EliLanger/stat…

— Eli Langer (@EliLanger) March 21, 2013

A few vowels and seven years later, it’s tough — and perhaps a bit painful — to recall what life was like before Twitter came along, but users up to the task:

#beforetwitter I just walked around saying “tweet. tweet.”

— Catherine(@museofhistory) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I had 6-pack abs.

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter If I wanted to give my innermost thoughts to a complete stranger, I had to write it on a piece of paper and throw it at them.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 21, 2013

My thumb was round #BeforeTwitter

— JavaJoe (@JavaJoeX) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I could write properly punctuated sentences

— ComfyPaws™ (@ComfyPaws) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I had no idea what music you claimed to be listening to

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter you had to refresh individual blogs a lot

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I was forced to communicate with others the primitive way, making sounds caused by release of air out of the mouth

— GR Hutson(@jess_reign_bass) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter i kinda paid attention in class.

— RamPa!Ge ♕ (@madeinkuntucky) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I knew the names of my children.

— cosmoscon (@gdthomp01) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I was 100% ok with facebook

— SeanBartley (@SeanBartley) March 21, 2013

@rbpundit #BeforeTwitter husbands had nothing to do while their wives were trying on clothes at the department store.

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter you actually saw breaking news on television

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter most of my friends lived within a 10 mile proximity to me. Now only 1 does.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I never knew bacon was so popular and I was a heretic for disliking it.

— Justin McCarthy (@jmac82) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I had a life.

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter I was a productive member of society.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 21, 2013

Heh. Weren’t we all?

Twitter’s also helped to shape the political landscape, giving conservatives a new voice and countering leftist media narratives:

#BeforeTwitter you had no idea that news shows only reported part of the story.

— RB (@RBPundit) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I my political commentary was confined to screaming insults at the TV

— Rick Sheridan (@RickSheridan) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter , you never heard the other side of the story.

— Jack Morizzi (@jmorizzi) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter @keitholbermann had a real job.

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I had to email my elected representatives to troll them.

— Miké (@ThePantau) March 21, 2013

#beforetwitter, Anthony Weiner was a rising star in the Democratic Party

— Joel Gehrke (@Joelmentum) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter MSM hacks could pretend they were impartial observers.

— RB (@RBPundit) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitter I didn’t ever wonder if toasters could be loyal or not.

— jdonels (@jdonels) March 21, 2013

#BeforeTwitterThere was no Twitchy.com

— Nels (@debitking) March 21, 2013

Shudder. Those were some dark days, weren’t they?

Hap-hap-happy birfday @twitter !! Thanks for providing us all with countless hours of entertainment. Oh and flame wars and purity tests!

— LilMissHoosier (@LilMissRightie) March 21, 2013

Happy birthday, Twitter!



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