What Assumption Has Someone Made About You Because You’re A Lesbian?

Yes, I own a few flannels. Do you realize how comfy they are?

Let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended): No matter how you identify, being a queer woman is a pretty good time.


But, more often than we’d like, people make assumptions based solely on sexual orientation.


Maybe people you meet assume you’re straight because you’re wearing a dress and heels.


Guys might be shocked when you tell them you’ve never had a threesome — and aren’t looking to try.


Your coworkers are surprised you haven’t signed up for the company softball team.

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And you’ve had to assure your best friend you are not looking to sleep with her.


I mean, you don’t own a cat… you don’t even like cats!


So, educate the masses! In the comments below, tell us an assumption someone made about you because you’re a queer woman.

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