Which law will David Gregory break during Sunday’s interview with Obama?

A dime bag? Why not? As long as it’s in the public interest, the law doesn’t apply to journalists, right?

Word is that NBC’s David Gregory was planning to be on vacation this Sunday but chose not to pass up the opportunity to interview President Obama on “Meet the Press.” Will the Secret Service be asked to check their guns at the door? Will Gregory leave his illegal arsenal at home?

Pretty sure @davidgregory won’t be allowed to have any high-capacity magazines around during Sunday’s interview w/POTUS

— West Wing Reports (@WestWingReport) December 28, 2012

Aren’t you listening? He’s a journalist. It’s cool. Still, viewers think Gregory should err on the side of caution.

FREE LEGAL ADVICE: @davidgregory you should totally ask for @barackobama to pardon you and your staff when you interview him Sunday on MTP.

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) December 28, 2012

Well I bet David Gregory won’t be demonstrating any gun magazines on Meet the Press this Sunday

— Shawn Pasternak (@ShawnCP92) December 28, 2012

@davidgregory I’d suggest you not hold up any rifle parts while the President is on MTP with you. Just a suggestion.

— Jerry Torr (@TorrJer) December 28, 2012

@gpollowitz Obama’s from Chicago. He’s used to being friends with unsavory lawbreakers like @davidgregory. @barackobama

— JavelinaBomb (@javelinabomb) December 28, 2012

I hope Pres Obama has the Secret Service arrest @davidgregory during his appearance on #MeetThePress.

— Jonathan Jewel (@JonathanJewel) December 28, 2012

@davidgregory @meetthepress don’t screw it up. You might want to leave your ammo clip at home.

— Brandonlk (@brandonlk) December 28, 2012

BREAKING: Secret Service to do a THOROUGH PAT DOWN of @davidgregory prior to his Obama interview.

— Ivan the K (@IvanTheK) December 28, 2012

How thorough?

The Secret Service may need to cavity search @davidgregory for dangerous weapons before his interview with 0bama.

— Michael Garlin (@OUInfidel) December 28, 2012

Any other questions for the president?

Dear @davidgregory: please ask why Chicago resident Obama thinks gun control has failed so miserably in his hometown

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) December 28, 2012

@davidgregory When U interview your “lord and savior”, R U gonna ask him 2 sign UR petition demanding UR kids’ school boot its armed guards?

— Bosco Bolt (@BoscoBolt) December 28, 2012

Maybe @davidgregory can buy a Fast and Furious gun and show Obama how easy they are to find in Mexico?

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) December 28, 2012

@davidgregory will u ask BHO aboout Fast & Furious? Ban U.S. citizens from having assault weapons but okay to armMexican cartel members?

— WiseLatina2theRight (@legalatina) December 28, 2012

Just imagine the hard-hitting questions from @davidgregory ~ How was your Christmas? Family upset that you left early? How was the surf?

— Jim Caserta (@JimCaserta) December 28, 2012

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