Why Is This Stock Video Of A Small Child Waving An American Flag In So Many Campaign Ads?

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

The video from these ads can be found on Shutterstock, a stock video website. It is called “young boy waving flag, slow motion.”

Via shutterstock.com

And he’s in a TON of political ads. The ads are mostly Republican it seems.

Scott Walker’s “Our American Revival” PAC’s debut ad, at 1:36.

Via youtube.com

“Carly for America” PAC’s debut ad, 0:31 seconds into the video.

Via politico.com

“Catholics for Romney/Ryan’s” 2012 ad. Literally the entire ad is just this boy waving the flag.


Marco Rubio’s 2010 Senate ad, at 0:22 seconds.

Via monstertracks.com

The Freedomworks Matt Bevin for Senate ad, at 0:23 seconds.

Via youtube.com

The FreedomWorks Ted Cruz for Senate ad, at 0:14 seconds.

Via youtube.com

The Citizens for the Republic ad, “Mourning in America,” 0:58 seconds.

Via youtube.com

Bob Barr for Congress, 0:12 seconds.

Via youtube.com

The Steve Womack for Congress ad, “flag.” At the beginning of the ad.

Via youtube.com

Scott Brown, 2014 Senate ad at 1:30.


“Young boy waving flag, slow motion,” we salute you.

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