Widespread outage inspires apology from Netflix, poetry from customers

Netflix acknowledged in a tweet that a Christmas Eve outage was indeed “terrible timing.” Users testing out new tablets, game consoles and TVs suddenly found that they were locked out of the service, and they turned to Twitter to share their frustration.

So my netflix isn’t the only one being bogus ? good .

— Shay :)(@Lashay_XO) December 25, 2012

Netflix Instant is down for a LOT of people right now. It’s not just you.

— Netflix Streaming (@WatchOnNetflix) December 25, 2012

I had no idea how much Netflix meant to me until it stopped working

— Mason (@MasonAkaAmazing) December 25, 2012

Pissed beyond all belief right now. The ONE NIGHT I try using Netflix, it doesn’t work.

— Crimson S. Mercy (@shaysflootyflot) December 25, 2012

Geeze, Minecraft AND Netflix are down. It’s like the internet is telling me to go do something else.

— Jolie(@niagara_view) December 25, 2012

My Netflix isn’t working and I feel like my life is over… Talk about a pathetic life

— alexandra abrahamson (@alexandraABE) December 25, 2012

Panic spreads across America as #Netflix faces outage. Families forced to talk to one another.

— DR (@RiggedVeda) December 25, 2012

My siblings are finally in bed and I finally get quiet time and Netflix is down. BAH HUMBUG.

— Sammy Fresh (@Samantha__Says) December 25, 2012

dear santa, send some elves to fix my netflix (:

— paige mccomas (@paigemccomas) December 25, 2012

Of ALL DAYS for #netflix to be down?! Families wanna sit around drinking and watching bad movies. Mine does at least. 😪😔👎

— Shenehneh(@justloren) December 25, 2012

Kids are sleeping. Finally able to sit down to watch a movie on @netflix with Anna. So excited! Oh, wait a minute…..

— Cisco Cotto (@CiscoCotto) December 25, 2012

And Netflix is down on the day we all want to escape our families. Good job.

— Andy Boyle (@andymboyle) December 25, 2012

Terrible timing indeed! How many people were counting on that streaming video of a fireplace to make the holiday complete?

How did I just discover ‘Fireplace for Your Home’ on netflix? The best part? There’s a regular crackling fire and a holiday version. #fb

— Amanda – ClueIntoCLE (@ADHicken) December 24, 2012

Word online is that the trouble originated with a problem in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. Several hours of movie depravation have driven some to try their hand at poetry.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a @netflix was streaming, not even Mickey Mouse.

— The Terrible Miss E (@TheMissE) December 25, 2012

‘Twas the night before xmas, and all through the house, @netflix was not streaming, each packet did bounce. downrightnow.com/netflix

— Braden Kowitz (@kowitz) December 25, 2012

’twas the night before Christmas and all were watching Netflix until the server exploded and everyone was sad.

— Alex Sebenski (@Alex_Sebenski) December 25, 2012

’twas the night before Christmas/ and all through the house/ I couldn’t watch Netflix/ time for more alcohol.

— The Night Stalker (@kolchak) December 25, 2012

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