You don’t say! Leon Panetta admits waterboarding led to Bin Laden capture

In not-so-breaking news, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says information obtained through the tactic of waterboarding helped lead to the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Defense Secretary Panetta admits that CIA used the information from waterboarding to capture Osama Bin Laden

— Ultim’Ora..من العالم (@Ultimaora) February 3, 2013

Who knew?

Since Panetta adimits #waterboarding is the reason Bin Laden was taken down, doesn’t Bush get the credit more than BO?

— George Dickinson (@Out2Lunch57) February 3, 2013

Waiting for the mainstream media to pick up this story? Don’t hold your breath.

Very odd, MSNBC’s website has a full story about Leon Panetta’s appearance on MTP, without mentioning the Waterboarding comment? #msnbclive

— Jeff Gill (@jeffgill24) February 3, 2013

PANETTA admitted months perhaps longer than year ago waterboarding got UBL. Todd let him equivocate his spillage a year ago this morning MTP

— corbin (@corb32) February 3, 2013

Waterboarding lead to Bin Laden, Obamacare will cost each family 20k, jobless rate climbs and higher taxes for everybody Great Week!

— Harry Edelman (@hedelman4) February 3, 2013

We’re sure that waterboarding will now become totally cool.

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