You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside This Otherwise Normal Looking Cave. Hint: It’s Not A Monster.

Caves and other natural land formations are wonderful places to visit while you’re on vacation. Their beauty (and maybe all of their creepy inhabitants) are a great example of nature’s power. However, there is a cave just outside of the city center of Trinidad, Cuba, that unlike almost every other cavern. This cave is just a short walk away, on a nondescript path. No matter how plain it looks from the outside, once you visit it, you’ll never forget it.

The cave is located about 10 minutes away (walking) from the city center.

You follow this nondescript path.

Then, you’ll come to a tree. When you do, you’ve arrived.

This is the cave – and the home of Disco Ayala.

After paying $3 (which includes a drink), you go down a flight of stairs.

And then you go through a tunnel…

THIS is waiting for you on the other side.

This beautiful, natural cave is a large nightclub.

This is the bar, where you can buy drinks for $3.

There are limited tables and chairs.

However, most people just want to be out on the dance floor anyway.

The disco is spread out in the cave, you can see the DJ booth here and video screens.

There are also two other, smaller dance floors.

It’s a strange place, but a fun one.

The club has been around for more than thirty years, consistently drawing locals and tourists.

About 3,000-4,000 people can fit in this cave at once.

Disco Ayala has 5 dance floors (3 small ones) and 3 bars.

It’s open from 11:00pm – 3:00am, 7 days a week.

Each night around 1am, there is a show on the dance floor.

Source: Alain Sojourner If you want to explore the cave during the day time, you may be able to convince a security guard on duty (with the help of a few bucks) to let you look around inside. Also, be cautious on the walk to the club. Although it’s a relatively safe area, it’s always a good idea to walk with a group on dark roads at night. Have fun partying like no one else does. If you visit Disco Ayala, you may have trouble convincing people the pictures are real. Share this awesome place to explore by clicking below.

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