An Expert Claims This Common Ailment Among Babies Isn’t Real

Babies who cry often and for long periods of time are often diagnosed with colic.

Specifically, babies who cry at least three hours per day for more than three days a week for three or more weeks meet the criteria for colic. The term was coined by an American pediatrician over four decades ago. Some estimations say that somewhere between 20% and 40% of babies in Western cultures suffer from colic. One parenting expert, however, is saying that colic isn’t an ailment at all, and that there’s a way to stop babies from crying.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith claims there is “no such thing” as colic and says we need to figure out why babies are crying so much.

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Many babies, she says, are not being held enough. Parents refrain from holding their children all the time because they worry about creating bad sleeping habits, but in the process, they make their babies feel less secure.

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She notes that in Japan, for example, babies often sleep with parents for the first few months of life, leading to calmer and better sleep for them.

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