Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin disrupts Obama speech; Some wonder: Was she a plant?!/michellemalkin/status/337642910956781568

President Obama isn’t used to being challenged while giving one of his endless speeches, but during his speech today at the National Defense University, he found himself at the mercy of Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin.!/leahblizz/status/337644592549732352

Benjamin began shouting at the president as he spoke about Gitmo.!/kgosztola/status/337641953976008704

But her penchant for shouting is well known, so some are wondering how she managed to get in:!/sunnyright/status/337645312875307008!/DanFosterNRO/status/337644239066365952

It was only after several minutes of shouting that she was finally escorted out:!/codepink/status/337647057147949056

Why did Obama engage with her rather than going on with his speech?!/jeneps/status/337642132229734400

After all, heckling the president is extremely disrespectful.!/smerconish/status/337642925607497728

Some suspect that this wasn’t a spontaneous protest, so to speak, but that Benjamin was in fact a plant:!/ZephyrK9/status/337643627805290496!/untwin34/status/337642680769200128!/luvGodncountry/status/337647679326781440!/MeSoBland/status/337646066231042049!/TheRickWilson/status/337648541365325824

In any event, both Obama and Code Pink got what they came for:!/iowahawkblog/status/337649450312953858

And plant or not, we’re guessing that Benjamin won’t face the stiff penalties she’d face if she were a Tea Party member:!/AndrewCMcCarthy/status/337643410586488832

Maybe if Tea Partyers started wearing giant vagina costumes



Politico’s Jennifer Epstein reports that Benjamin may have been issued a press pass:!/jeneps/status/337649484949487616

If that’s that case, that raises another question:!/RBPundit/status/337658748061487105

And another:!/DrewMTips/status/337664442919690241

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