Hillary: ‘Talent is universal’; Chelsea shows absurdity is hereditary


The Clinton Global Initiative put two of the many women in Bill Clinton’s life on stage to talk about “Reimagining Impact,” whatever that means. Just pick two buzzwords out of a hat why don’t you. Dare to reimagine: Hillary Clinton offers ‘profound’ vision for leadership [Vine]

“Empowering women” was part of the discussion. Who better to talk about empowering women than a woman who rose to political power by riding her husband’s coattails and one who achieved immediate professional success by being their daughter?

Having traveled the world as Sec State, Hillary Clinton said she's learned that "talent is universal, but "opportunity is not."

— Peter Nicholas (@PeterNicholas3) September 23, 2014

Talent is not universal, no matter how many participation trophies you hand out. Hasn’t she heard of Nickelback?

https://t.co/IVyV2JXaSx http://t.co/aVDfcHj2qN

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 23, 2014

@redsteeze Perfect reaction. Ne'er has a gif so well embodied a proper response as this.

— Patrick Daub (@bigdaubersr) September 23, 2014

@redsteeze See? Totally not out of touch. Same worries shared by working families, you guys.

— Archimedes Watts (@archimedeswatts) September 23, 2014

But let’s talk about empowering elephants, because it’s not as if African nations are facing any sort of other problems right now.

Clinton women on stage at CGI. Hillary and Chelsea spotlight plight of African elephants. The threat, Chelsea says, is "existential."

— Peter Nicholas (@PeterNicholas3) September 23, 2014

NY – Chelsea Clinton says she worries that her new baby could grow up in a world without African elephants.

— Peter Nicholas (@PeterNicholas3) September 23, 2014

@PeterNicholas3 @SouthernKeeks With the speed Ebola is now spreading, her child may have to grow up in a world without Africans….

— Bob (@Bob72270) September 23, 2014

I know how she feels. I'm devastated that I grew up in a world without Saber Toothed Tigers. @PeterNicholas3

— Wyatt's Torch (@TorchOWyatt) September 23, 2014

@georgejmichaels @PeterNicholas3 @WSJPolitics Very embarrassing. She should hope her baby grows up with freedoms.

— INDEPENDENT GIRL (@mitigirl) September 23, 2014

@PeterNicholas3 This insight shows why NBC News paid her $26,724 per minute she was on the air.

— Razor (@hale_razor) September 23, 2014

That’s empowerment.

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