#IStandwithUncommitted: Conservatives mock Obama’s humiliating Ky. primary performance


After Obama lost 42 percent of the vote and two-thirds of the counties in Tuesday’s Kentucky primary to a phantom candidate, conservatives on Twitter couldn’t wait to let the world know why they stand with Democrats for Uncommitted.

#IStandwithUncommitted Because he doesn't say "Poh-kee-stohn"

— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) May 23, 2012

#IstandwithUncommitted because he doesn't eat dogs.

— Tom McDermott (@FighterOfDayman) May 23, 2012

#istandwithuncommitted because he understands that "inflate your tires" isn't an energy policy

— Tanya Bachand (@tanyabachand) May 23, 2012

#IStandwithUncommitted because granny deserves a pacemaker not a chillpill

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) May 23, 2012

#iStandWithUncommitted because he doesn't believe misogynist rapper Common is a poet on par with Robert Frost.

— Never Forget (@MrsDigger) May 23, 2012

#IStandwithUncommitted because Chris Matthews doesn't get excited every time he speaks.

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) May 23, 2012

#IStandwithUncommitted Because his VP can string more than two sentences together without saying something stupid

— SalonDotYouMadBro? (@schwingcat) May 23, 2012

#IStandwithUncommitted because we know much more about him than we do Obama. #tcot #LNYHBT #nobama

— MikeBates (@MikeBates) May 23, 2012

#IStandwithUncommitted – Because he believe Eric Holder belongs behind prison bars. #BrianTerry

— Laura Freed (@heyLauraFreed) May 23, 2012

#IStandWithUncommitted because he doesn't date composite women @TwitchyPolitics @RushLimbaugh @DLoesch @JTLOL @JamesTaranto

— Graham Wellington (@TheRobertBriggs) May 23, 2012

Could it be? Does Julia stand with Uncommitted?

Breaking: #Julia to release #IStandWithUncommitted video. #CompositesUnite #Uncommitted2012

— Legal Immigrant (@votermom) May 23, 2012

The Republican National Committee stands with Uncommitted too:

For all those "Uncommitted" Democrats. We made some "Fired Up! Ready to Go!" Buttons. Check em out. http://t.co/MxKtDfWt

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) May 23, 2012

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