‘Lighten up, you pathetic hump’: ‘HRC’ author suggests NY Post’s Hillary editorial is ‘sexist’

As Twitchy told you, the New York Post’s editorial board recently published a scathing rebuke of Hillary Clinton, calling her out for claiming that she never told Benghazi victims’ families that the attacks were caused by a video.

The Post tweeted about it:

Jonathan Allen, former Politico writer and author of thebook “HRC,” had a big problem with that. No, not with Hillary lying, but with the word “pantsuit”:

Actually, that’s correct. It’s not sexist. Like, at all.

Unless Jonathan’ssuggesting that Hillary’s the sexist one.

Indeed. Here she is today, in fact:

Are you calling Hillary sexist, Jonathan? Is that what you’re doing?

Um, because it’s funny, Jonathan. And totally appropriate.

Oh, you mean this book cover?

That’s very problematic, Jonathan.

Not only is he reaching, but his priorities appear to be somewhat … off:

Extremely pathetic. But not terribly surprising.

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