Not everyone is filled with Christmas joy

I'm looking forward to being alone for my most depressing Christmas ever.
Just me & my empty bottle of vodka.
Hooray. Xoxo

— Miss Moneypenny (@Ms_Moneypenny_) December 18, 2012

If you aren’t filled with Christmas spirit, you are not alone.

i get so depressed around christmas time

— Danny Davies (@_getl0w) December 23, 2012

Everyone is so depressed this Christmas…

— Samstus⚾ (@S_Rezzy21) December 23, 2012

Really not feeling Christmas at all this year, everytime I think about it I just get seriously depressed

— charlotte jackson (@char_jackson) December 23, 2012

why am I depressed every Christmas. I hate everything

— Bah Fucking Humbug(@GerardsLaugh) December 23, 2012

Why so blue, people? Twitchy presents six reasons cited by Twitter users…

1. No  money for presents.

Wondering how i am suppose to buy christmas presents for the fam when i have no money. #brokegirlprobz #needajob.

— Bailey vonnegut (@bailey_vonnegut) December 23, 2012

I’m so excited for christmas but at the same time I’m not because I’m not getting any christmas presents because there’s no money :'(

— ale:) (@Ale1D14) December 23, 2012

christmas – no money for presents, so I give um my presence.

— -topic. (@FollowTheTopic) December 23, 2012

“Josh why you get presents for hardly anyone?” Nigga, I have no money. The holiday season degrades me

— Probably Josh (@itsjoshrowe) December 23, 2012

2. Crowded malls.

Parking at the mall during Christmas is like trying… Nevermind it just sucks

— Brianne Aileen (@ItsBreeBiitch) December 24, 2012

What sucks about Christmas time? My second home is full of people. LEAVE MY MALL.

— Princess Girlfriend (@_PrincessGF) December 23, 2012

3. No girlfriend/boyfriend.

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, nothing cause I’m a lonely fuck.

— Colin Walsh (@d4rkrai_) December 23, 2012

Seriously sucks to be single during Christmas time 😣😕😒 #NotDigginIt

— Cassie (@CassieCeline23) December 23, 2012

Being single for Christmas sucks major dick, just saying

— Cody Rahn (@crahn37) December 24, 2012

Being single during Christmas time sucks.

— Kody Austin (@Kody_Austin) December 23, 2012

Ok, being single sucks on christmas.. I don’t like it.

— Leigha▲ (@SleepT1ght) December 23, 2012

4. Sick.

i hope i’m not this sick on christmas #fthis #sucks #feellikeshit

— Emily Rounds (@roundssiee10) December 24, 2012

ill for christmas. this sucks

— Jessica (@JessRIOT) December 24, 2012

Always ill on christmas and my birthday, sucks!

— Fuckface (@m4dtw4tt3r) December 24, 2012

Lazy sunday, sick in bed and Christmas is in a couple days. This sucks #hatebeingsick

— Aman Sohal (@AmanSohal95) December 24, 2012

5. Christmas music.

Christmas songs are annoying as fuck

— ryan aka ryan (@ryanmiller666) December 23, 2012

I swear I really do love America and freedom but god dammit Christmas music sucks

— parkus muskar (@MarkusPuskar) December 23, 2012

I love Christmas and all, but Christmas music fucking sucks..

— Devon (@HickDevon) December 23, 2012

Christmas music sucks. I can’t wait till it stops being played.

— Leila (@leilandebi) December 24, 2012

6. Getting older.

I wish I was excited about Christmas, just like when I was younger… 😔 Growing up sucks!

— Andy Fletcher (@PrettyBoyFletch) December 24, 2012

Christmas at 17 isn’t like Christmas at 7.. Growing up sucks 😕

— teeny (@teenahwin) December 24, 2012

being older sucks around christmas time . . it just aint the same . .

— ☆ imaBREADHEAD™ ☆ (@FettyyBoyyTrae_) December 23, 2012

Christmas is in 2 days, this time around 10 years ago I could barley control myself from excitement, growing up sucks #timeflies

— Braxton Parvin (@bparvin10) December 23, 2012

It sucks because as we get older, it starts to feel less like Christmas every year.

— ★ (@ObeyFreddie) December 22, 2012

It actually kinda sucks during Christmas time not being a little kid anymore 🎅 #lessexciting

— Madi Rose (@madiiirose) December 24, 2012

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