Sandra Fluke discusses ‘what moms really need this Mother’s Day’!/mchastain81/status/464832789548777472

“Free” birth control crusader Sandra Fluke announced an appearance on MSNBC where she’ll be informing viewers about exactly what “moms need” on Mother’s Day:!/SandraFluke/status/464830920235556864

Judging from some of the reaction, there are many who don’t require Fluke’s advice about what moms “really need” on Mother’s Day:!/amylutz4/status/464834336744026112!/25roses/status/464837834797375488

Woman who demands state-funded birth prevention speaks to what mothers "need".
Next, vegans offer the best steak cuts.
@SandraFluke @edshow— Martini Shark (@MartiniShark) May 09, 2014!/Cameron_Gray/status/464843354690174976!/Bernie_Gilbert/status/464846793172217856!/aarong33/status/464833289489248256!/RBPundit/status/464832391270633472!/INukeYou/status/464836102504067072!/StarDogCh4mpion/status/464832821052178432

Is this the advice Fluke is least likely to offer?!/SouthernKeeks/status/464835263131181057

That’s not likely to be Fluke’s focus.



Sandra Fluke jumps on the hashtag diplomacy bandwagon

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