These 14 Things Fit So Perfectly Into Other Things That You Can’t Help But Feel Satisfied. Ahh, Yes.

It’s often the tiniest of things in life that make us the most excited. Simple things even… like an object fitting just perfectly into another object, as is the case with the 14 things in the pictures below. These pictures are like a dream come true for anyone who has that innate need for organization. You know who you are. 🙂

1) OMG, this bowl is so calling for tomato soup. Perfect with grilled cheese sandwiches.

2) These Xbox games fit so perfectly into the draw that it might actually be hard to get them out again. First World Problems.

3) It’s a shame the tiles don’t fit perfectly as well.

4) Aww how cute. Granted, kittens fit perfectly into everything.

5) Somewhere, the man who designed that fridge drawer is smiling.

6) Teatris.

7) A perfectly sized slice of lime. For that consistent lime taste.

8) These two pieces are by artist Michael Johansson. It’s safe to say he has an eye for the perfect fit.

9) The perfect way to store black electrical tape and duct tape…as long as you never use them.

10) This is how one frozen yogurt shop dries their scoopers. Magnificent perfection.

11) Now superglue all the pieces so no one can ever get them apart. Or alternatively just use the thin pieces. Works just as well as glue.

12) It’s almost as if the chair was build solely with this purpose in mind.

13) Not sure the OCD meds are working as intended.

14) Her face fits perfectly into a Canadian Gemini Award.

I had no idea something so simple could be so satisfying to my brain. I can now sleep easy after seeing this. Source: imgur Share these perfect fits with your friends below.

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