This Picture Perfect Wedding Day Was Almost Ruined By An Uninvited Guest.

Weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate love between two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. But before the bliss could really begin for this couple, they were forced to deal with one of those pesky uninvited guests who always seem to sneak their way in.

The newlyweds, Rebecca and Brian Pepper, were enjoying their sunset photoshoot when the photographer noticed someone lurking in the background…

Photobombed by a bull!

Photographer Rachel Deane wanted to make the most of the curious bovine and instructed Rebecca and Brian to ignore it.

But it kept inching closer…

And closer…

Eventually taking a sniff at Rebecca’s dress.

They were able to get it away from the dress, but it apparently wasn’t okay with that.

Luckily, this groom grew up around bulls all his life, so he knew exactly how to deal with the situation.

Brian, a canola farmer, noticed it rearing its back and dusting up the ground, preparing to attack.

And the crisis was avoided, but they still have a great story to tell.

(via Daily Mail.)

Other than fearing for their own safety, the new husband and wife were worried about the fancy wheels they had rented for the special occasion. Thank goodness for Brian thinking quick on his feet!

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