When A Gust Of Wind Hit This Tarmac, Something Ridiculous Happened…

Have you ever heard of a microburst? No? Well, you’re definitely not alone.

Unlike tornados, microbursts are gusts of wind that move downward. While their counterparts lift things up, microbursts push things down, out, and away.

To give you an idea, here’s an illustration of what a microburst does.

Kinda crazy, right?

Well, it’s even wilder when you see it in real life. Check out what this air traffic controller caught on camera during a microburst on a tarmac.

While I’m not totally sure if those planes had anyone inside, I’m also not confident that would have helped.

The winds are often so strong during microbursts — upwards of 170 miles per hour — that pilots have no control over their own aircraft. Here’s hoping the planes landed somewhere without injuring anyone in the process!

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